In holograms, we can showcase the product and its features. We can present utility infographics, a 3D map and the history of a city. Holograms are also modern art and an ideal tool to present video-art. Our devices convey emotions, just like works of art. In our portfolio, we can boast the implementation of a hologram in the Jesus Museum in Jerusalem together with the design and delivery of a HOLObox device or 3D mapping at the opening of the Ice Hockey World Championship. Our new project is the delivery of the HOLOtheater device to the Vistula River Museum in Kazimierz Dolny. We presented our hologram system at CeBIT international technology fair in Hannover. We have our spherical dome, in which we organize multimedia concerts using large-format spherical projections. It creates a unique atmosphere and is the only such solution on the market.



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About us

We create innovative multimedia systems, our speciality is holograms. We produce HOLObox, HOLOisland, HOLOtheater and HOLOinfo devices depending on the client’s needs. David, Multimedia Artist, Constructor and CEO design systems and creates product holograms and directs character holograms. Drawing on his creative experience in making music videos, TV commercials, he creates modern hologram content to meet client demand. According to the statement: “What we see is what we think”, we take care of the conscious message of this innovative medium. Combined with artificial intelligence, it can facilitate and enhance many activities in the public space with a virtual sales assistant or information assistant. The non-standard structure that we have created allows for the implementation of interesting and innovative projects in the field of mapping, holograms and interactive installations for public facilities.








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  • Dawid Skrzypek
  • CEO, Constructor, Multimedia Artist
  • Phone: (+48) 660 493 776
  • Email: dawid@cgroup.com.pl

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